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From irrigation ponds to the club house, Otterbine offers a variety of products and services to support the needs of the golf market. Otterbine surface and subsurface aeration systems provide the industry’s highest independently tested oxygen transfer and pumping rates to maximize the consumption of excess nutrients and naturally treat the causes of poor water quality, leaving ponds healthy and clean.

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Otterbine and the Golf Market

In the late 1970's when Chuck and Terry Barebo recognized the need for aeration equipment beyond wastewater management and aquaculture markets, and entered into the golf market. Partnering with family businesses and equipment houses throughout U.S. and internationally, friendships and alliances have evolved over the past 30 years to make Otterbine the leading aeration and fountain product found on golf courses worldwide. 

With increasing restrictions and legislation being passed that requires us to take a more environmental approach to managing our natural resources, water quality management and conservation is becoming ever more important.
Otterbine Aeration Systems Provide the Following Solutions to the Golf Market:
Irrigation Ponds: Improve the water quality of irrigation ponds. Irrigation ponds left unmanaged can lose 1-5 inches or 2.5-5 centimeters of storage capacity a year due to sludge build-up, let alone the damage it can cause with clogged pumps and irrigations systems. High nutrient levels in irrigation ponds can also lead toward turf damage, while poor water quality will often lead toward foul odors, fish kills, unsightly aquatic algae and weeds. The costs and time associated to repair damage can add up quick affecting your bottom line.
Managing Effluent and Reclaimed Water: Look to our High Volume and Air Flo 2 systems for the most aeration, while the Sunburst, Gemini and Saturn units will provide plenty of aeration with added benefit of a surface spray for aesthetic enhancement.
Supporting Natural Habitats:
Aeration is able to consume excess nutrients that are harmful to ponds and their inhabitants. Providing an environmentally friendly solution to improving water quality, the use of aeration supports healthy aquatic habitats for fish and wildlife, while creating naturalized landscapes to be enjoyed by members and guests.
Flexible Solutions: Offering a range of products from surface spray to sub-surface aeration systems, and Giant Fountains that can accentuate the magnificence of a clubhouse, Otterbine is able to provide proven aeration and aesthetic enhancement.
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  • Oak Glen - Stillwater, MN: Health of the pond improved with a 3HP Phoenix and 5HP Equinox while adding a beautiful backdrop for weddings & visibility from the road creating attention to the course.
  • Sun City Summerlin - Las Vegas, NV: Effluent water was introduced to their irrigation lakes increasing algae bloooms and hydrogen sulfide odors. Installation of High Volume units had odors disappear and treatment programs were discontinued.
  • Albany Country Club, Voorheesville, NY: A drive up to the clubhouse offers a view of the #16 fairway where 2HP Sunburst units were installed to correct issues of algae blooms.
  • Celtic Manor | 2010 Ryder Cup - Wales, UK: Lake management program incorporated at Celtic Manor Resort for the 2010 Ryder Cup. A 3HP High Volume and 5HP Sunburst were selected to maintain lakes.
  • Royal Dornoch Golf Club, Scotland: Royal Dornoch Golf Club installed a 3HP High Volume aerator to combat algae blooms and foul odors caused by stagnant waters in their irrigation pond.
  • NCR Country Club, Kettering, Ohio: The cement water basin used for the irrigation supply presented a challenge with 90% algae bloom. The ultimate solution was the Air Flo diffused air system.
  • Signature of Solon CC, Solon, OH: The community was built around a retention pond where two Giant Fountains appear. The irrigation lake uses various aerators and aspirators.
  • Gordon Lakes Fort Gordon, GA: A mix of Aerating Fountains and Mixers were installed to keep clean flowing water, raise the oxygen levels and to have an accented backdrop.
  • Navy Marine Golf Course Honolulu, HI: The Polaris provides a great display, lighted for night visibility from the freeways, with hopes of attracting guests to this golf course.
  • Twin Orchard Country Club, Long Grove, IL: During replacement of the irrigation system an upgrade to electric was done to give adequate wiring to the ponds for Sunburst aeration.


Bellerive Country Club | Cateechee Golf Club | Dallas Athletic Club | Saucon Valley Golf Course 
Jumeirah Golf Estates | JW Marriott | The Warwickshire | Deep Water Circulation

"We’ve invested heavily in the 2010 development and the lake will literally be the focal point of the tournament, so we need it to look its best. I’ve worked with Otterbine in the past so consulted with them to find the most efficient, aesthetically-pleasing and cost-effective solution."
Jim McKenzie, Superintendent
Celtic Manor Resort | Ryder Cup 2010

"The unit is low profile, more inconspicuous than an irrigation control box and very quiet. The Otterbine Air Flo 2 has eliminated the need to contract a lake management service and allows the grounds department to concentrate on turf grass." 
Jim Roney, Superintendent of Golf Courses and Grounds
Saucon Valley Country Club, Bethlehem, PA.

“Having used other lake aerators in the past, the Otterbine lake fountain has proven to be the most reliable, with the greatest longevity.”
Ken Graves, Superintendent
South Hills Country Club in CA July

As an Audubon International Signature course, water quality is important at Cateechee Golf Club. We have a 10 million gallon effluent water holding pond on the golf course that initially presented problems with algae and low oxygen. These problems lead to odors and fish kills. We installed two Otterbine aerators and one Otterbine sub-aerator about ten years ago. These units solved our issues and have been virtually problem free. I highly recommend these units.
Buck Workman, CGCS
Cateechee Golf Club, Hartwell, GA

"Since we've added the fountains, we don't have algae problems any longer. Members of the community actually walk out of their way to go by the lakes now because they provide very pleasing sights and sounds. Not only have the aesthetics improved 100 percent, we're saving money by not having to buy any chemicals to treat the lakes."

Leonard Theis, Golf Course Superintendent
Sun City Roseville, CA

 “The quality, durability, and functionality are unequalled- our water quality has improved by using our Otterbines.”
John Gurke, Superintendent
Aurora Country Club, IL 

"We are very pleased with the performance of all four Otterbine aerators that have been operating in our ponds since 1996 when the golf course opened. Otterbine aerators circulate a high volume of water generating oxygen for a healthy pond for fish and wildlife."
John A. Newcomb, CGCS
Atlantic Golf at South River, Annapolis, MD

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Otterbine is active in sponsoring educational sessions and actively participating in conservation programs both nationally and worldwide; and is devoted to serving the needs of our business partners, customers and the environment in the services and products we provide.

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A member of various trade associations, including Golf Course Superintendent Association of America (GCSAA), the National Golf Foundation (NGF) and the Irrigation Association (IA) Otterbine is considered an expert within the industry as an authority in water quality management practices. This reputation has allowed us to contribute articles to leading industry publications including Golf Course Management, Superintendent, and Irrigation and Green Industry allowing us to share our knowledge and provide information to those seeking to implement a water quality management program. If interested in developing your own program, contact us today and we’ll be glad to help!

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