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Incorporating 8 nozzles, the Omega creates a striking arch-like pattern that is sure to please.

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Product Features

  • Energy Efficient: 
    Low amperage systems mean less electrical consumption and low running costs.
  • Provides Natural & Effective Water Quality Solutions: 
    Introduces oxygen into the water column for the most natural solution to water quality management, effectively controlling algae, aquatic weeds, and foul odors.
  • Shallow Operating Depth: 
    Operates in 30in or 75cm of water
  • Interchangeable Patterns: 
    Change patterns in less than 30 minutes.
  • Proven Performance: 
    Otterbine is the only manufacturer to have oxygen transfer and pumping rates independently tested and published on their aeration systems. View results.
  • Pattern Guarantee: 
    Aerating fountains are backed by a “Pattern Guarantee”, if you don’t love the pattern we’ll swap it out for another.
  • Complete Package: 
    Includes unit, panel* and cable with cable quick disconnect for ease of installation.
  • Comprehensive Warranty: 
    All-inclusive 5-year warranty on unit, cable and power control center*.
  • Corrosion Resistant: 
    Able to operate in brackish and effluent conditions.
  • Safety Listed & Protected:  
    Package electrically safety tested and listed with ETL, ETL-C. Products for European Union are also safety tested, approved and carry a 3rd party independent CE mark.

*Power control center is not a standard item on 50Hz packages.

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 This Pattern is part of the Decorative Line within Aerating Fountains.

Pattern Guarantee: Any pattern purchased under the decorative line can be swapped for another pattern within the decorative line.

Product Specifications: Omega 

60Hz  1HP* 2HP* 3HP 5HP
Spray Height (ft)
Spray Diameter (ft)

Spray Height (m)
Spray Diameter (m)

* 3 Phase systems available, contact Otterbine for details. Unit shipped complete with unit, cable and Power Control Center. 50Hz applications do not receive a Power Control Center. Unit average weight is 155 lbs or 73 kg.  Minimum operating depth is 30in or 75cm. Spray performance and pumping rates are approximate and may vary due to voltage, elevation and relative humidity.

PDF Downloads: Specification Form | Sale Sheet 60Hz | Sale Sheet 50Hz

Download .DWG files and CAD drawings for the Omega Aerating Fountain directly at
Otterbine Aerating Fountain Specs

Unit & Float Construction

The Concept 3 Aerating Fountains have been designed and engineered by expert craftsman to provide a high quality, ease of use product that delivers results.

  • Corrosion Resistant Materials: 
    All components are manufactured of stainless steel or thermoplastics for use in brackish and effluent waters.
  • Easy Handling: 
    Smaller and lighter, with handles molded into float for easier maneuverability and installation.
  • Simplified Design: 
    All metric fasteners and only three tools needed to work on the entire unit.
  • Stabilizer Plates: 
    Due to the large volume of water generated by the Comet pattern, stabilizing plates are provided with this unit to alleviate swaying of the float and pattern.

For more information on this product’s features, please see the illustration.


  1. High-tech thermal plastic pumping chambers are staged to allow for easy interchange.
  2. Rugged low visibility closed cell foam filled includes handles and protective pockets for lights when applicable.
  3. Mixed flow pumping systems achieves maximum pumping capacities.
  4. Electrical quick disconnect is part of the upper plate to prevent damage
  5. Industrial strength thermal plastic screen helps keep debris out of the unit.
  6. Oil cooled, efficient 3450/2875 RPM custom built motor incorporates a g-type seal to ensure dependability and long life.
  7. Corrosion resistant, durable 18 gauge/316 grade stainless steel motor housing.

Complete package is electrically safety tested and listed with ETL, ETL-C and CE, and includes unit, cable and power control center. 50Hz units do not receive power control center.





Basic Installation Guidelines

  • Unit Assembly: Unit comes in two pieces, with float detached from motor unit for simplified shipping and storage. Minimal assembly is required and all hardware is provided, two 1/2in or 13mm sockets or wrenches will be needed.
  • PCC Installation: Qualified electrician will need to be on-site to install power control center (PCC is standard for all domestic/60Hz applications.)
  • Power Cable:  Power cable should be buried or trenched in conduit per local codes, and run at least 3ft or 1m out into the pond/basin.
  • Anchor/Mooring Unit in Water: Float unit into the water and either anchor or moor it in to place with nylon rope. For ponds that experience fluctuating water levels we recommend that you moor the unit into its location. Mooring the unit can often be done from the shoreline, while a boat is typically required when anchoring.

Product Installation

Anchor Installation Mooring Installation

Installation is fairly simple, but will require the services of a certified electrician. Tools and materials required can include: a shovel (to bury/trench cable,) conduit, nylon rope, cinder blocks (when anchoring), boat (when anchoring,) rebar or duckbill anchors (when mooring), and two 1/2in or 13mm sockets/wrenches. Complete installation instructions will be provided with the delivery of the product.

PDF Downloads:
Owner's Manual: Concept 3
CE Market Install Manuals: CE English | CE French | CE German | CE Polish | CE Spanish | CE Swedish | CE Turkish


Each of the patterns under the 1HP-5HP Aerating Fountain line carries an all inclusive 5 year warranty. This warranty extends to the complete package including the unit, cable and power control center. 

Warranty can be performed by more than 100 factory trained and certified Otterbine Service Centers found worldwide, or by Otterbine directly. A copy of the warranty statement for this product can be found within the owner’s manual. For warranty to be honored, a physical inspection of the unit must be performed by an authorized Otterbine Service Center between years 3 and 4.


Once a year: Disconnect the unit from the power source and physically inspect the aerator and underwater cable for any cuts, cracks or breaks as these may cause oil leaks or electrical shorts. Inspect and clean the pumping chamber components and screen. 

After Every 3 Running Seasons: Perform a simple oil change. Otterbine oil must be used for this oil change for environmental and heat dissipation purposes. Otterbine oil can be purchased through Otterbine distribution with part number: 12-0077.

PDF Download: Parts List with Exploded Views


Units considered under the Aeration Line (Sunburst, Gemini and Saturn) can remain in the water during the winter but need to run a minimum of 12 hours per day, and should run 24 hours per day when temperatures drop below 20o Fahrenheit or -7o Celcius.

All units under the Decorative Line should be removed from the water in freezing climates.

Proper Storage

When storing units keep them upright, or if tilting to the side be sure to keep the bulkhead facing up. Units should never be stored upside down.

Concept 3 Proper Storage

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