Fountain Glo Lighting

Fountain Glo™ High Voltage Lighting

Ideally suited for our 10-25HP systems, our High Voltage light set is what we recommend to lluminate the largest of our patterns. Available in 250W or 500W halogen bulbs, in combinations of 2 to 12 lights - you can easily achieve the lighting effect desired for your Otterbine system.


Our High Voltage light systems are best suited for our Giant Fountain line. Able to deliver maximum illumination to our largest patterns, these light sets are backed by a 1-year warranty (excluding bulbs) and offer these additional features:


Choice between 250W & 500W Halogen bulbs, and 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12-light configurations to best accentuate our impressive patterns.

Complete Package

High Voltage light sets come standard with digital timer, transformer and GFCI mounted in their own fiberglass power control center.

Optional Accessories

Photocell, colored lenses (red, blue, green, and yellow), cable quick disconnect and sequencing packages.

Safety Listed & Protected

Light systems are electrically safety tested and listed with ETL & ETL-C.


Product Specifications:High Voltage Light Systems

Lights (250W) per Set 2 3 4
Junction Box 1 1 1
Amp Draw (Total)* 4.4 6.6 8.8
Lamp Wattage (Total) 500 750 1000
Candlepower (Total Lumens) 10,000 15,000 20,000
Lights (500W) per Set 4 6 8 12
Junction 1 2 2 3
Amp Draw (Total)* 17.6 26.4 35.2 52.8
Lamp Wattage (Total) 2000 3000 4000 6000
Candlepower (Total Lumens) 41,800 62,700 83,600 125,400

* 50Hz amp draw will be half of what is listed in charts. High Voltage Light sets operate off of 115V in 60Hz, and 230V in 50Hz markets.


Unit Construction

Light Housing & Lamp

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Corrosion Resistant:

Components are manufactured from non-corrosive stainless steel and naval brass and are able to operate in brackish and effluent conditions.

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Flexible Options:

Light sets are available with 250W or 500W Halogen bulbs.

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Powerful & Bright

Available in 250W or 500W, these are our brightest light systems and are best at lighting up our Giant Fountain patterns.

Unit Illustration

Unit Illustration of the Fountain Glo™ High Voltage Light
  1. 1

    Available in 250W or 500W lamps.

  2. 2

    Housing is manufactured from stainless steel and brass components protecting them from corrosive environments.

  3. 3

    Naval brass bezel rock guard protects light fixture from unwanted damage.

  1. 4

    Watertight seal protects lamps from water intrusion.

  2. 5

    Glass lenses are available in clear, red, green, yellow, and blue.


The High Voltage light set arrives fully assembled but must be mounted to the aerator/fountain system.

Light fixtures must be fully submerged at all times when energized.

  1. 1

    Mount Transformer

  2. 2

    Attach Light Fixtures

  3. 3

    Connect to Power

  4. 4

    Adjust Angle of Fixture



No annual maintenance required, periodically clean the bezel glass lens of any debris and check the power cords for any damage. Always disconnect power from the light when performing maintenance.

Can't Decide Which Light Set is Best?

Talk to one of our Reps and let us help you!