Reasons To Aerate Your Backyard Pond

Pond aeration is a crucial step in making sure your pond doesn’t start to become a burden. Check out a few reasons you should consider a pond aerator.

Reasons To Aerate Your Backyard Pond

Those of us who have backyard ponds know how much work goes into keeping them clean and healthy. One of the best things you can do for your backyard pond is to install an aeration or pond diffuser system. These systems automatically regulate your pond with little extra effort on your part. If you’re not sure why aerating a pond is a good idea, we’ll walk you through the reasons to aerate your backyard pond so that you can see all the benefits.

Improved Water Quality

Without proper aeration, nutrients in your water tend to settle at the bottom of the pond. Over time, these suspended nutrients go to waste and end up making your water look cloudy and murky. Proper aeration increases the quality and clarity of your water. As a bonus, weeds and algae will have a harder time growing when those nutrients aren’t settling near the bottom.

High Dissolved Oxygen Content

If you’ve had a pond for a while, you probably already know how important oxygen levels are in your water. Higher oxygen levels are better for both the fish that inhabit the water and the good bacteria inside of it. Low oxygen levels can lead to your pond becoming anaerobic, which will often lead to water that smells unpleasant. One of the best reasons to aerate your backyard pond is to ensure it remains a healthy and aerobic environment.

Less Pond Muck

Those nutrients we mentioned before also have a habit of resulting in an accumulation of pond muck in your water. Luckily, a healthy, aerobic pond creates beneficial bacteria that help to break down this muck and grime. Muck is another road to a smelly pond and can even make it a good habitat for unwelcome guests like leeches.

Regulated Temperature

In an unaerated pond, it’s common for the water to separate into two sections—warmer water near the top and colder water near the bottom. This colder water is much more oxygen-starved than the warmer water and can result in fish death and muck accumulation. Good pond aeration helps to cycle the different layers, creating more uniform temperatures and oxygen levels across the whole pond.

Otterbine Barebo prides itself on making your pond as healthy as it can possibly be. Our pond aeration systems will ensure that your backyard pond stays crystal clear and full of that all-important dissolved oxygen. Give us a call today if you have any questions.