Phoenix Aerating Fountains Complete Chatelaine Community

Otterbine Aerating Fountains rise to the challenge of creating a healthier environment for ponds impacted by construction in Charlotte, NC.

Otterbine's Phoenix Aerating Fountains in the Chatelaine Community

Situation: Ongoing construction created increased stress on ponds and lakes near the 485 loop in Charlotte, NC.

Solution: 14 Otterbine units two 3HP, two 5HP Phoenixes and ten 1HP Geminis were installed along the length of the property to create healthier and aesthetically pleasing waterways for everyone to enjoy!

Background: Originally envisioned as a multi-company project, Randy Smith of Outdoor Irrigation (one of our amazing distributors) pitched the Concept 3 line to Chatelaine’s developer Waterfront and they were sold. The amazing service, Concept 3’s field experience and our 60-month warranty make Otterbines hard to beat!

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