Otterbine Feature Installations

Feature Installations

Otterbine products can be found in various aquaculture applications, amusement parks, golf courses, resorts, ski resorts, waste water treatment, coal mines, and more. Wherever people and water meet, there is a good chance you'll find the pond and lake managers product of choice; Otterbine.

Water Oak Country Club

Water Oak Country Club is located about an hour north of Orlando and dangerously close to the Villages! This property is managed by Clarke Aquatic Systems and has several lakes throughout the community. Clarke teamed up with Steve Blackshire to help combat unwanted aquatic vegetation and improve water quality!

Anthem Country Club

Anthem Country Club in Henderson, NV has several shallow ponds and lakes that provide aesthetics as well as irrigation for the 18-hole championship golf course! These water features were plagued with quality issues and unpleasant odors caused by algae. Golf Course Superintendent James Symons and Otterbine Western Regional Manager Bud Laidlaw developed a solution.

Willow Valley Communities

Otterbine partnered up with Aquatic Environmental Consultants to improve water quality and accentuate the natural beauty of Willow Valley Communities' lakes.

Chatelaine Community

Otterbine Aerating Fountains rise to the challenge of creating a healthier environment for ponds impacted by construction in Charlotte, NC.

A picture of water before an Otterbine Aerating Fountain installation

Sub-surface Aspirators Stop Fish Kills in English Canal

Creating circulation in this English Canal improved oxygen transfer and stopped fish kills.

An Otterbine Aerating Fountain on ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Otterbine Assists ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Diffused Aeration coupled with a Fractional Aerating Fountain rescues this families algae covered pond.

High Volume Unit Eliminates Algae Blooms

Sunburst fights algae blooms and creates a safe haven for one homeowner’s waterfowl.

An Otterbine Gemini Aerating Fountain at a Medical Complex

Gemini Aerating Fountains Transform Medical Complex

Otterbine ensured the health of artificial cement ponds and transformed the space into a calming escape for patients.

Otterbine Fountain-Glo LED's Light Up Victory Junction Lake

Otterbine Fountain-Glo LED's Light Up Victory Junction Lake

Otterbine teamed up with Victory Junction in order to create beautiful water features. Our high voltage lights ensure that our units light up the night for all campers to enjoy!

Otterbine's Aerating Fountains at the Bethany World Prayer Center

Prayer Center Finds Energy-Efficient Aeration with High Volume Units

Bethany World Prayer Center found an aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient way to aerate their retention ponds.

5HP High Volume unit in Barcham Trees

High Volume Unit Eliminates Nursery Reservoir’s Algae Blooms

Barcham Trees needed to put an end to the algae blooms/nutrient loading in their reservoir and Otterbine provided a solution with immediate results!

Otterbine High Volume Unit at Kinsmen Park

Otterbine Products Work in Tandem to Address Nutrient Loading

A 5HP Gemini and High Volume Units eliminated fish kills and addressed the severe nutrient loading in this 5 acre (2 hectare) lake. Park-goers can now enjoy fishing, pleasant scenery and winter sports!

The Otterbine TriStar Aerating Fountain at Terry Peterson Residential

Aerating Fountains Provide Aesthetic Solutions for Storm Water Management

Terry Peterson Residential took storm water retention pond design at this community park to the next level using Otterbine TriStar Aerating Fountains.

One of Otterbine's 3HP Tri-Star Aerating Fountains in Victoria Park

Otterbine Helps in Victoria Park Regeneration Project

Otterbine’s Aerating Fountains help meet strict water quality management requirements and create a beautiful water feature!

Otterbine’s Aerating Fountains at Mill Creek Park

Otterbine Joins Mill Creek Park Restoration Project

Otterbine’s Aerating Fountains help meet strict water quality management requirements and create a beautiful water feature!

Otterbine Air Flo system at the NCR Country Club

Air Flo Eliminates Algae Bloom at NCR CC

The Air Flo diffused air system eliminated a 90% algae bloom in this course’s water basin!

An Otterbine Aerating Fountain

High Volumes Fix Effluent Problems in Sun City Summerlin, NV

Otterbine’s High Volume units helped this club transition from using potable water to effluence in their irrigation practices. We also ensured that their water met the strict standards set by the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection.

One of Otterbine's Aerating Fountains at Celtic Manor

Otterbine Joins Celtic Manor in Ryder Cup Preperations

Otterbine pitched in to help complete a lake management program at the Celtic Manor Resort for the 2010 Ryder Cup.

An Otterbine Aerating Fountain at the Navy Marine Golf Course

A Giant Fountain Highlights New Features at the Navy Marine GC

Otterbine’s Polaris fountain acts as a great display for both day and night. It’s visible from all of the Navy Marine Golf Course’s freeways and helps attract guests to the course!

Otterbine High Volume unit at Cleveland Cliffs

High Volumes Help Coal Mine Discharge Reach EPA Standards

5HP High Volume Industrial Pond Aerator reduces iron by 30% in less than a week, and creates an out of the box solution for Cleveland Cliff's coal mine discharge issue.

One of Otterbine's Industrial Aerating Fountains

Aerators Aid in Iron Striping

Aerators help eliminate unsightly stains brought about my iron loading in irrigation water.

A Pleasant Valley School District wastewater lagoon

High Volume Units Complete PA School District’s Wastewater Treatment Process

Otterbine’s High Volume units added the final steps to Pleasant Valley School District’s wastewater treatment plan.

Wastewater Treatment Center

High Volumes Fight Odor Problem at Wastewater Treatment Center

High Volume units eliminate odor problems at wastewater treatment center.

Sutherland Farms

Meridian, a suburb of Boise, Idaho is a hot spot for home builders; however, due to farm runoff the area was having trouble with water quality management.

Scheinder's Nursery

Schneider's Nursery in Seymour, IN relies on Otterbine's aeration equipment to treat the water in its irrigation ponds. After 19 years of reliable service, it was time for an upgrade.

Huntington Commons Master Plan Community

Huntington Commons in Mount Prospect, Illinois is home to over 7,000 residents. One the key features of the community is a recreation area with a 3-acre lake! When the community manager was looking for a way to enhance both the lake's natural beauty and water quality he looked to Otterbine for an answer.