Providing Function & Beauty

Otterbine Aerating Fountains

There is more to these systems than just a pretty pattern. At Otterbine, we combine beautiful design and reliable functionality to create the highest quality aerating fountains on the market. Each aerating fountain system is engineered and tested to provide oxygen to ponds and lakes for improved water quality. Choose from any pattern to get get a 5 year warranty plus years of satisfaction.


The plume of Otterbine’s Gemini pattern offers incredible aeration strength and tremendous beauty to any property.


Otterbine's signature pattern, the Sunburst provides excellent aeration to any pond or lake while displaying a conservative yet striking pattern.


The Saturn is similar to the Sunburst but offers a more compact and lower profile pattern to provide another strong aeration solution.


The Phoenix’s two-tiered pattern combines aesthetics with aeration, and is popular in commercial and residential settings alike.


The elegant beauty of the Tristar’s three-tiered pattern offers an excellent solution for those seeking to enhance their water feature.

An Otterbine Aerating Fountain


Maintaining its symmetry and splendor, the Comet creates a thick, lavish column of water that will fascinate even the most discriminating onlooker.


The two tiers and 16 silhouetted streams of the Genesis cascade into the waterscape creating a dramatic and enticing focal point, captivating onlookers from all around.

An Otterbine Aerating Fountain


The Constellation’s two-tiered fountain-like pattern is designed to minimize clogging and hold its form in windy conditions.


The Equinox offers beautiful symmetry from all angles and creates an intricate pattern that’s typically associated with architectural fountains.


Incorporating 8 nozzles, the Omega creates a striking arch-like pattern that is sure to please.


The Rocket is a geyser-like pattern that looks beautiful by itself or clustered with other aerating fountains to create a more dramatic effect.