Market Solutions

Above or Below the Water, Otterbine Offers Beautiful Clean Water Solutions

Superior product quality and excellent customer service is a matter of pride at family owned and operated Otterbine Barebo. Our goal is to continue to develop the most natural, energy-efficient, versatile, technologically advanced and easy-to-use methods of treating water quality problems. Our approach is scientific, our products are independently tested, and our dedicated team is continually seeking to improve and refine our existing products and explore new possibilities in aeration.


From backyard ponds to a storm water retention ponds in residential communities, Otterbine products will keep your waterway free from pond algae while offering a beautiful display.


The first choice by landscape architects and designers around the world, Otterbine offers unbeatable customer service, 24-hour design turn around and trouble free products that last for years.


Whether you need a Giant Fountain for club events, an Industrial Pond Aerator for an irrigation pond, or the beauty of an aerating fountain to accentuate your golf course, Otterbine has your solution!

Parks & Recreation

The waterways in parks are often designed to collect storm run-off, and are typically a catch basin for grass clippings, fertilizer and trash. Otterbine products provide a natural solution to difficult water management problems, and can turn a park eyesore into a sparkling asset.


Delivering the industry’s highest independently tested and published oxygen transfer and pumping rates maximizes the consumption of excessive nutrients like iron and phosphorus. Otterbine systems treat industrial ponds so that water can be reclaimed for other uses.


Since day one Otterbine’s had a vested in aquaculture and fisheries. We offer a wide range of products to make your farms, ponds, tanks, and irrigation processes more productive and healthy!