First on the aquaculture scene - Otterbine maintains its commitment to the industry.

With a history steeped in the importance of aquaculture, Otterbine’s committed to providing unique water quality solutions. Our products are perfect for every application from fish farming to irrigation ponds; our experience is obvious, and the results delivered by these surface and sub-surface aeration systems speak for themselves.

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Otterbine has the Answer to Your Problems

The two primary goals of aquaculture farming are keeping the water quality (especially the fish) in good condition and obtaining truly reliable equipment to increase production. Otterbine can help solve these problems and make your business more profitable for years to come! 

The Water Quality

One of the biggest problems with water quality is maintaining an adequate supply of dissolved oxygen at ALL times. During hot months, especially on cloudy days and late at night, Mother Nature can't supply enough oxygen for fish to maintain life. In many cases the result is a disastrous fish kill unless emergency measures, such as aeration, are taken. Sometimes when there's barely enough dissolved oxygen to keep the fish alive, the oxygen concentration may be low enough to cause stress. When fish are under this kind of stress they tend to be more vulnerable to parasites and other diseases. In some cases they stop feeding and growing. 

Aeration is the Answer

Experience tells us that the best way to avoid fish kills due to oxygen depletion is to use aeration. Otterbine's floating aeration systems are designed to maintain a healthy amount of dissolved oxygen in your production ponds. Our systems aerate, circulate, and mix your waters. We bring cooler bottoms waters to the surface and mix oxygen as evenly as possible throughout the entire water column. With constant aeration it's possible to produce 6 tons of additional fish from one acre of water.  

Aeration without Aggravation

The team at Otterbine is constantly upgrading its products. Nothing is more important than providing reliable products to our customers. By good products we mean easily installed, economically priced/operated, and dependable products. By good people we mean people like you! We know you work hard for your money and want you to get the most out of your aeration system. 

Otterbine - the More Reliable Aerator

Highly aware of the critical nature of aeration in the agricultural industry we are constantly looking to improve our products. Our engineers spare no cost to include advanced design features that insure we have the best products possible. Then we back those products with the strongest warranties in the industry! We were first on the aquaculture scene and maintain our commitment to the industry. 

Otterbine, Easy to Work With

From spawn tanks to aerators and circulators - Otterbine provides reliable and economical aquaculture treatments.

Since day one Otterbine’s had a vested in aquaculture and fisheries. We offer a wide range of products to make your farms, ponds, tanks, and irrigation processes more productive and healthy! We aim to increase your effectiveness and help cut any unnecessary expenses. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a farmer remember – a little bait can catch a big fish!

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