Proven Results

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As the only manufacturer to publish 3rd party oxygen transfer and pumping rates, you can rest assured that Otterbine aeration systems are engineered to do the job. Combine that with rigorous performance and safety testing conducted throughout the life cycle of the product AND the best in customer service, you're one step closer to better water quality with a company you can count on.

Proven Results

Independent 3rd Party Testing

Otterbine systems provide the highest oxygen transfer and pumping rates in the industry. We expect every aerator we build to provide years of beauty, and water quality management. That’s why we put our systems to the test, and guarantee reliable, trouble-free operation. Otterbine® is the only manufacturer to go to the extremes of having all their aeration equipment independently tested for safety and optimal performance; making Otterbine the best solution for managing all types of waterways while creating healthy, natural aquatic habitats. To learn more about our impressive oxygen transfer and pumping rates, copies of the test results are available below.

Performance Test Results: Aerating Fountains | High Volume | Air Flo 3 | Fractional Series

Safety Testing

Otterbine is the only manufacturer of lake and pond products that goes to the extremes of having its aerating fountains, industrial aerators, fountains and lighting systems safety tested and approved as a complete package, while other manufacturers only list their components. Otterbine has the unit, cable and power control center safety-tested and approved by ETL, and ETL-C, while most products for the European Union are also tested, approved and carry a 3rd party, independent CE mark. This commitment to safety offers you the security of knowing that you can trust your equipment while it is running in the water.

Otterbine Trained Specialists

We take pride in our dealer network and invest in the training of these centers so that they understand the dynamics of pond and lake management; and the importance of customer service. With over 300 Sales and Service Centers throughout the world - you can work with someone close to create the best solution for aerator or fountain needs.

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