Fountain Glo™ Mini-RGBW Lights

This RGBW system brings ultra-bright and compact color-changing LEDs to Otterbine's 1/2 HP Fractional Unit! Featured as part of a 2-light set this kit opens a whole new range of possibilities for the world of lake and pond fountain lighting!


Otterbine's Mini-RGBW Light Set

Check out the latest in lake and pond fountain lighting. Otterbine's newest RGBW Color Changing Light Set opens a world of new possibilities with this kit.


The Mini-RGBW Light set generates vibrate and bright colors all while being energy efficient! Each set is backed by a 3-year warranty and several additional features: 

Dramatic Displays

Create amazing effects with pre-programmed color sequences! You control the speed, intensity, and whether you a multi or solid color display!


The Mini-RGBW lights come standard with a shore mounted enclosure complete with photocell and timer.

Optional Accessories

Otterbine offers a Fixed Fountain Stand with attachments for lights! Perfect for applications where a floating unit won’t suffice! These systems are ideal for architectural concrete basins, indoors and out and can be modified for earthen bottoms.


Product Specifications: Mini-RGBW Lighting

Lights (4W) Amp Draw Electrical Output Rating Total Lamp Wattage Max Cable Run (16/2) Max Cable Run (12/3)
  .15 12 VDC 8W 150ft 300ft

Unit Construction

Light Housing & Emitters

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With upwards of 2,000 possible colors, speed, and brightness controls you'll be able to find the perfect setting for every moment.

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Energy Efficient

Mini-RGBW's pull minimal amperage and produce almost no heat!

Unit Illustration

  1. 1

    Each set comes with two 4W RGBW emitters that create rich and vibrant colors!

  2. 2

    Fixtures fit into the existing MR16 brackets.

  1. 3

    The remote has a 100ft range.


The Mini-RGBW Lights arrive fully assembled. All you have to do is mount the lights to the unit and enclosure near the unit's power control center.

  1. 1

    Attach the Light Fixtures & Mount the Enclosure

  2. 2

    Connect to Power

  3. 3

    Enjoy some Amazing Displays



No annual maintenance is required, periodically clean the lens of any debris and check power cords for any damage. Always disconnect power from the lights before inspecting.

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