Giant Fountains

Impressive, Dramatic Displays

Our Giant Fountain line is popular among landscape architects when a dramatic focus is desired for a water feature. Shallow operating depth combined with other engineered features - the Giant Fountain is often chosen for it's beauty, versatility, ease of handling, and quality. Create a breathtaking display for your pond or lake with our selection of giant fountains. Our collection includes the Aqua Star, Aries, Equinox, Mystic, Polaris, Super Nova, and Triad designs, all featuring multitiered and multi-dimensional designs. Find the right fit for your outdoor space and help make a beautiful space come alive by shopping Otterbine's collection of Giant Fountains today.


The Aqua Star impresses many with its amazing two tiered effect and is often specified into hotels, resorts and shopping centers to create the perfect backdrop.


Developed by customer request, the Aries provides a two-dimensional palm type pattern that offers an awesome display for any property.


The Giant Fountain Equinox is a magnificent multi-dimensional pattern that offers cascading water columns that are in truly dynamic.


The flowing beauty of the Mystic is Otterbine’s most popular Giant Fountain pattern and provides impressive aesthetic accompaniment to any water feature.


The Polaris offers a thick and powerful geyser type pattern that is often specified when trying to achieve a striking yet conservative water feature.

Super Nova

Able to reach heights of 95ft or 27m, Otterbine’s Super Nova pattern is an excellent choice when desiring a dramatic fountain effect that calls attention to a water feature.


Designed by customer request, Otterbine’s Triad fountain features a three tiered pattern and offers exceptional elegance and beauty.