Dramatic displays providing sustainable, clean water.

Instead of hiding a retention pond, add an Otterbine Aerating fountain and make it a water feature within the landscape design. Water features are prevalent throughout many commercial applications from corporate headquarters to resorts, an inviting water feature not only showcases the property, it contributes to its value. Otterbine aeration systems treat the causes of poor water quality to create clean, healthy water features.


Managing Storm Water Ponds

Storm water ponds are becoming mandatory in many areas throughout the world. These basins are designed to capture run-off from parking lots and surrounding areas, and if aeration is not designed into the pond it will inevitably become an algae filled, smelly eyesore that is full of excess nutrients. Otterbine aeration systems effectively treat the causes of water quality problems by inducing oxygen into the water column and consuming excess nutrients to leave the pond clean, healthy and attractive.

24-Hour Design Turnaround and CAD Details

When in the planning and development phase of a project Otterbine is able to assist, from 24-hour design turn-around to online resources like CAD Details. Contact one of Otterbine's factory trained distributors for free site evaluations, or project proposals. Our distribution team is qualified to deliver the best solution for your needs including; water quality management programs, system selection and specification, and design assistance.

Independent Testing, Proven Results

Otterbine is committed to insuring the products they manufacture deliver the results needed in even the most extreme applications. All of Otterbine's Aerating Fountains and Industrial Aerators are independently tested for oxygen transfer, circulation rates and pumping rates. Test results show that Otterbine's High Volume Industrial Aerator pumps an impressive 920 gpm or 199 m3/hr per horsepower and adds 3.3 lbs. or 1.5kg of oxygen per horsepower hour. No other manufacturers can even come close to these pumping rates, and no other manufacturers independently test equipment. In addition, all Otterbine equipment is electrical tested and listed with ETL, ETL-C, and CE. Otterbine is dedicated to insuring their systems are effective, safe, and meet current standards.

Otterbine, Easy to Work With

Designers and Facility Managers come back to Otterbine and it's distribution and service team again and again to purchase aeration equipment.

When asked why, it is simple; the equipment is well made, the Otterbine team responds quickly to design requests, and any product problems that might occur in the field after the sale are efficiently dealt with. As a designer, this insures your reputation after design and implementation. As a manager, this insures a beautiful pond and years of hassle free run time. The bottom line is the Barebo family name goes on every product, and the entire Otterbine-Barebo team is devoted to making each and every customer is happy.

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Get 24-hour Turn-Around on System Designs

Time Is Valuable, Get The Most from It.

Let the experts help and take advantage of our professional system design services. Otterbine has been creating water quality management solutions and stunning water features for over 60 years, let us create one for you!