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Parts & Other Accessories

Parts & Other Accessories

Add convenience, increase efficiency, or simply have some spare items on hand. Depending on the water quality and location of your water feature, the need for these aerating fountain parts and accessories may offer you peace of mind or simply prepare you for the unexpected. Contact one of Otterbine's factory trained distributors or service centers for pricing and delivery information on aerator parts for ponds, lakes, and manmade water features. Don't see the part below? Take a look at our Parts Book with Exploded Views. Or if you're looking for information on our new cable protection check it out here

To order any of these fountain parts and accessories, contact your local Otterbine sales and service center.

*New* Stainless Steel Cable Shielding

Otterbine now offers varmint resistant braided stainless-steel cable shielding! Virtually indestructible this cable protection will deter pesky critters from damaging power cables, which can prevent damage and spare you the cost of replacing the cable. The braided stainless-steel shielding must be applied at Otterbine’s factory.

*New* Cable Wrap

Otterbine also offers cable wrap! This unique composite wrap is made from synthetic polymers and was designed with easy installation in mind. The cable wrap provides protection from abrasions, chafing, and those pesky pond side varmints. Otterbine’s cable wrap can be installed at the factory or out in the field.

Zinc Anode Kit for Aerating Fountain

Zinc Anode Kits

Brackish/Salt Water Applications

For units placed in brackish water we suggest our zinc anode kits. Zinc anodes are considered a sacrificial metal and work well to protect other metals in these environments. Periodically they will need to be maintained and replaced. Kits are available for all 1/2-25HP product lines.

Wind Controls

Wind Controls

Concerned About Drifting Spray?

Inquire about our wind controls - an anemometer calculates wind speed and is able to shut off the aerator/fountain if a certain speed occurs. Wind controls for our Giant Fountain line also offers a Reduction/Off option where pattern height is decreased at one speed, then turned off at another.

Water Level Shut-Off

Water Level Shut-Off

Fluctuating Water Levels?

This option insures that the aerator/fountain will be shut off if the water level raises or lowers beyond a given depth. Ideal for ponds with a history of flooding or drought.

1-5HP Maintenance Kit

Maintenance Kits

Keep It Running Strong

All maintenance work should be performed by an authorized Otterbine Service Center . Simple oil changes will keep the aerator going strong for many more year to come.

Connector/pigtail vulcanized to cable

Cable Assemblies

Replacement Cable with Connector

Varmints and others can cause damage to the power cable which may lead to nuisance tripping or other performance issues. Otterbine offers cable assemblies in varying lengths with a vulcanized connector/plug/pigtail vulcanized to insure a clean, watertight connection. (Cable lengths are offered in 25ft or 7.5m increments.)

Cable (Raw)

Cable (Raw)

Replacement Cable

Nicks and abrasions in cable can lead to nuisance tripping. Replacement cable, (raw cable, no plug/connector,) can be purchased and spliced on to existing runs using an underwater splice kit. If in need of both cable and a plug/connector/pigtail Otterbine recommends purchasing a cable assembly. (Cable lengths are offered in 25ft or 7.5m increments.)

Pigtails (Plug)

Pigtails (Plug)

Replacement Connector/Plug

Environmental conditions, mishandling and other factors can contribute to the need for a replacement pigtail/connector. These are available for all our product lines with a cable quick disconnect feature. (Pigtail protectors are also available for cables left onshore/in water during maintenance/removal.)