Giant Fountains


Otterbine’s Triad fountain features a three tiered pattern that offers exceptional grace and beauty.


Triad Giant Fountain

Otterbine’s Triad fountain features a three tiered pattern that offers exceptional grace and beauty. Available in 10HP-25HP.


Our largest floating fountain, the Giant Fountain is available in 10HP-25HP and is backed by an all-inclusive 4-year warranty or extended 5-year warranty with Sub-Monitor motor control option. Perfect for making a dramatic impression, check out these other great features:

Shallow Operating Depths

Horizontal platform allows operation in 40in or 1m of water.

Complete Package

Most systems come complete with unit, fiberglass power control center and cable. (Units are hardwired, optional cable quick disconnect available. 50Hz CE markets come standard with cable quick disconnect.)

Safety Listed & Protected

Package electrically safety tested and listed with ETL, and ETL-C, conforming to UL standards; and carries CE certification.

Unique Launching System

Wheeled launching system eliminates the need for cranes during installation in most applications.

Adjustable Float

The high-density polyethylene float contains ballasts that can easily be adjusted to minimize float visibility in the water.

Optional Accessories

Wind Controls for spray reduction, Soft-Start, Sub-Monitor (extends warranty to 3 years,) & Fountain GloTM LED & High Voltage Light Packages are just a few of the accessories available.


Product Specifications:Triad

60Hz 10 HP 15 HP 25 HP
Spray Height (ft) Upper: 36
Middle: 18
Lower: 8
Upper: 40
Middle: 20
Lower: 10
Upper: 50
Middle: 26
Lower: 12
Spray Diameter (ft) Upper: 0.5
Middle: 33
Lower: 33
Upper: 0.5
Middle: 37
Lower: 37
Upper: 0.5
Middle: 42
Lower: 42
GPM 300 390 500
Voltage/Phase/Amp 3450rpm@60Hz 230/1/47 208/3/35 230/3/30 460/3/15 230/1/67 208/3/51 230/3/44 460/3/22 208/3/81 230/3/70 460/3/35
50Hz 10 HP 15 HP 25 HP
Spray Height (m) Upper: 10.4
Middle: 5.2
Lower: 2.4
Upper: 11.6
Middle: 5.8
Lower: 3
Upper: 14.3
Middle: 7.3
Lower: 3.7
Spray Diameter (m) Upper: 15cm
Middle: 9.4
Lower: 9.4
Upper: 15cm
Middle: 10.7
Lower: 10.7
Upper: 15cm
Middle: 12.2
Lower: 12.2
m3/hr 68.1 88.5 113.5
Voltage/Phase/Amp 2875rpm@50Hz 400/3/16 400/3/24 400/3/40

Unit shipped complete with unit, cable and power control center. 50Hz applications do not receive a Power Control Center. Unit average weight is between 900-950 lbs or 410-435 kg. Minimum operating depth is 40in or 1m. Spray performance and pumping rates are approximate and may vary due to voltage, elevation and relative humidity.


Unit Construction

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Corrosion Resistant Materials:

Components are manufactured of stainless steel, brass or thermoplastics. For applications with severe brackish or salt water conditions upgrade to our 316 st/st option.

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Maintenance Free Pump & Motor:

High quality Grundfos pump and Franklin 3450/2875 RPM motor ensure years of corrosion-resistant, trouble-free run time and no maintenance.

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Improved Handling:

Unique wheeled launching system upgraded with larger wheels to improve

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Removable Intake Screen:

Stainless steel intake screen protects pump from debris and can easily be removed and cleaned while in the water.

Unit Illustration

Unit Illustration of Otterbine's Aerating Fountain
  1. 1

    Special polyethylene float allows for easy height adjustment to make it less visible in the water.

  2. 2

    High quality Grundfos pump and Franklin 3450/2875 RPM motor ensure years of corrosion-resistant, trouble-free run time and no maintenance.

  1. 3

    Large center wheels assist installation and removal eliminating the need for cranes and hoists in most applications.

  2. 4

    Removable stainless steel intake screen allows for cleaning in the water and protects pump from debris.

Dimensions: 10HP &15HP = 100in (254cm) x 74in (188cm) x 40in (102cm); 25HP = 120in (305cm) x 90in (229cm) x 40in (102cm), with and without lights.


The Triad arrives partially assembled and installation can be performed in just a few steps.

  1. 1

    Install Power Control Center Power control center is mounted onshore; a certified electrician is recommended to perform this step.

  2. 2

    Lay Power Cable Bury/trench power in conduit to pond edge, connect plug to unit.

  3. 3

    Launch System in Water With the large wheels the Giant Fountain can be rolled and launched into the water (a boat launch or ramp can ease the process). A crane or hoist can simplify the process, while ponds with steep banks will require a crane.

  4. 4

    Adjust Floatation Sections of the float allow you to adjust buoyancy to lower float profile in the water.

  5. 5

    Secure/Moor into Place Unit features a 3-point mooring system. The use of a boat may be required to simplify the process.

Giant Fountain 3-Point Mooring
Giant Fountain 3-Point Mooring

Maintenance & Winterization


The Giant Fountains require no routine maintenance. If the screen becomes clogged, the basket type screen can easily be removed while the fountain is in place and cleaned with a wire brush.


Giant Fountains must be removed in climates that experience cold winters and frozen waters before lakes freeze over. The motor and pump must be stored in a heated area that stays above 32° Fahrenheit or 0° Celsius.

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