Color Changing Fountain Light Q&A

Whether you’re looking to illuminate your fountain or enhance your water’s natural beauty, lights can be a great addition to your pond or lake! However, with all the new technology and different color changing fountain light packages available in today’s market it’s easy to feel overwhelmed! To make the purchasing process easier we’ve gathered some important information and the most commonly asked question to help you make the best decision possible!

The term RGBW stands for red, green, blue, and white lights; having the color white in that list is crucial because it creates millions of bright and rich color combinations (some of our competitors try to get away with just RGB - it only creates 256 colors). Otterbine’s RGBW color changing fountain lights come in either a 40-watt or 80-watt strength! 40-watt lights are powerful and recommended for our 1-5HP units. Meanwhile, our 80-watt lights were designed to light up the enormous spray patterns our Giant Fountain line.

Here are the most commonly asked questions...

What comes in a set?

Each set is sold with 4 lights, a control box, SD cards for the color sequences, a quick disconnect for the cable, and mounting brackets so you can fasten the lights to your fountain.

How are the lights controlled?

The sequences themselves run off SD cards like the ones used in digital cameras. Each color changing light set leaves the factory with programmed 8 SD cards and 24 pre-preprogramed sequences. To change sequences, you simply swap out the cards and adjust the dial housed inside the light control panel. The actual controls for the unit come in a separate subpanel that’s mounted on shore near the fountain controls. If you’d like a single enclosure for both the RGBW light controls and the fountain controls custom panels are available upon request.

What sequences do the color changing fountain lights come with?

Otterbine’s RGBW color changing fountain lights come with 24 preprogramed sequences! These sequences cover all major holidays from Valentine’s Day to Christmas and Hanukah. We’ve also got solid color sequences for blue, red, green, purple, orange, pink, and white. Check out the full list of sequences here (the color back actually represents white light in our sequence chart)!

Can I get custom sequences?

Yes! We’re more than happy to design custom sequences for our customers upon request! We’ve designed several sequences highlighting our customers’ school pride and favorite sports teams!

How powerful are these lights?

We’ve put a lot of time and effort into designing the truest and brightest RBGW lights on the market. Our 40-watt lights are recommended for our 1-5HP line and their spray patterns. Meanwhile, our 80-watt lights create dazzling nighttime displays for our Giant Fountain spray patterns! All this comes in an efficient low voltage package.

What if I have multiple fountains? Can they be coordinated together?

You can run up to eight 4 light sets off one controller or “brain” for lack of a better term. This means you can sequence light sets on multiple fountains as long as they feed into the same controller!

How are the lights constructed?

Our light fixtures are made from 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion resistance and virtually indestructible. With over a year in the field we’ve had ZERO failures and no issues with water leaks. Our emitters are made in-house to ensure both high efficiency and uniform color mixing.

What life expectancy do the bulbs have?

These bulbs are rated to last over 70,000 hours, so if you run them 12 hours a day they’ll last for 16 years!

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