Industrial & Wastewater Aerators

Engineers, Facility Managers, Firefighters, and Mining officials have come to depend on Otterbine quality for effective water management, treatment of effluent ponds, fire prevention equipment, Otterbine systems provide many benefits, but most importantly they improve water quality. From consuming excess nutrients, to circulating bottom and top waters to maintaining cool water temperatures—our industrial aeration systems are constructed from non-corrosive materials that can be used in a variety of industrial applications that range from wastewater aerators and treatment facilities, marinas, mining operations, natural fire prevention tools and food processing to snow making and effluent irrigation ponds. Otterbine’s experience in wastewater management is obvious in the performance and results delivered by our industrial aeration systems.

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Dedication, Quality, Independent Testing

Dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services and offering the industry’s most comprehensive warranties to ensure years of dependable service has made family owned and operated Otterbine-Barebo, Inc. the #1 choice for industrial applications for over 60 years. All of Otterbine's Aerating Fountains and Industrial Pond Aerators are independently tested for oxygen transfer, circulation rates and pumping rates. Test results show that Otterbine's High Volume Industrial Aerator pumps an impressive 920 gpm or 199 m3/hr per horsepower and adds 3.3 lbs. or 1.5kg of oxygen per horsepower hour. No other manufacturers can even come close to these pumping rates, and no other manufacturers independently test equipment. Otterbine equipment is electrical tested and listed with ETL, ETL-C, and CE. Otterbine is dedicated to ensuring their systems are effective, safe, and meet current standards.

Effective, Sustainable Treatment

Otterbine is committed to ensuring the products they manufacture deliver the results needed in even the most extreme applications. Delivering the industry’s highest independently tested and published oxygen transfer & pumping rates to maximize the consumption of excessive nutrients such as iron, phosphorus and other contributors allows Otterbine systems to effectively treat industrial ponds so that water can be reclaimed for other uses. Scientific evidence indicates that aeration can help "soften" hard water and lower high pH. This is due in part to mixing carbon dioxide enriched waters from the lake bottom up into the water column. Application studies show that Otterbine aeration systems in effluent ponds reduced iron levels from 17 PPM to .02 PPM.

The Chief - For When Fires Start Miles Away from the Nearest Hydrant

Fire. It causes the destruction of personal property, land, forests, and lives. 

As a firefighter, you know time if your greatest weapon against this devastation. The safety of your community depends on your ability to get firefighting equipment to the scene and working as quickly as possible. In rural or hard-to-access areas where fires can break out miles away from the nearest hydrant - The Chief is your answer! 

The team at Otterbine understands that both fast action and high volume are key. That's why we designed The Chief as a floating, portable fire pump to combine reliable, self-priming operation with the highest GPM rate available. This pump provides instant pump-action and all it needs to deliver a full discharge is a water source 3 inches (7.5 centimeters) deep. 

The Chief's centrifugal pump offers submerged suction without additional suction hoses or priming systems. AND, a built-in suction screen automatically filters out any debris that may cause the hose lines or nozzles to clog.  

Otterbine in Mining

Otterbine's Concept 2 industrial aerators are designed to function in the harshest environments, making them perfect for industrial applications. Year after year mining companies spend millions of dollars to make sure they comply with the EPA's strict mining discharge regulations. These regulations are extremely important as this discharge can wreak havoc on native waterways if it's not treated first! 

Dripping ponds and other types of catch basins are used to slow down the capture of heavy metals and other byproducts captured in mining discharge. By adding Otterbine's industrial aerators to the process you can save your company more than $60k a year! Otterbine's high flow enables the water to process heavy metals like iron much quicker. This cuts down on the amount of caustic chemicals required to treat mining discharge. 


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Industrial Facility Managers and Firefights alike come back to Otterbine and its distribution and service team again and again to purchase aeration equipment.

When asked why, it is simple; the equipment is well made, the Otterbine team responds quickly to requests, and any product problems that might occur in the field after the sale are efficiently dealt with, and this ensures years of dependable hassle free run time. The bottom line is the Barebo family name goes on every product, and the entire Otterbine-Barebo team is devoted to making each and every customer is happy.

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PROVEN RESULTS! Producing the highest pumping & oxygen transfer rates in the industry to effectively manage severe aquatic environments.

Performance combined with quality - this is what you get with Otterbine. We are the only manufacturer to independently test and publish results on our product's performance.