High Volume Units Complete PA School District’s Wastewater Treatment Process

Otterbine’s High Volume units added the final steps to Pleasant Valley School District’s wastewater treatment plan.

Pleasant Valley School District Waste Water Lagoons

A Pleasant Valley School District wastewater lagoon

Situation: Pleasant Valley School District underwent an expansion taking their number of wastewater lagoons from two to four. The nutrient heavy waters needed proper treatment before being used to irrigate athletic fields and other grounds.

Solution: We worked with the district to find the best compliment to chlorination process already in place. Each pond roughly measured 10 FT deep with one hectare of surface water and held about 2,714,000 gallons of water. Eventually they installed two 5 HP High Volume units. These units eliminated the algae blooms and created a complete turnover rate of 3.2 per 24 hours!

Background: With two existing irrigation ponds already in place the Pleasant Valley had been using non-Otterbine products to meet their irrigation needs. However, those products proved to be large, cumbersome to install and failed to provide adequate aeration. The two existing ponds experienced problems with algae blooms. Once the district saw the success of the Otterbine products they quickly swapped out the old aeration equipment with Otterbine products. Martin (Marty) Miesko, one of the Aquatic Biologists working on the project, said, “I feel very strongly the product chosen was the best possible choice to manage both the nutrient level and prevent stagnation.”

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