High Volumes Fight Odor Problem at Wastewater Treatment Center

High Volume units eliminate odor problems at wastewater treatment center.

The LaGrange’s Wastewater Treatment Facility


Situation: The city of LaGrange’s Wastewater Treatment facility needed to eliminate odors coming from their raw wastewater basin.

Solution: At first they installed two High Volume units and then later decided to add two more. With just three months in the water oxygen levels rose above 6.5 mg/l! The units run with relatively low maintenance but more importantly they’ve eliminated the odors!

Background: LaGrange’s wastewater treatment center is located just outside of Louisville near I-78. This particular facility treats over 775,000 gallons of wastewater DAILY! One of the key elements to their treatment plan is a 1.8 million gallon raw wastewater flow, which as you know created some problems. With the help of Otterbine this plant took the first step towards community confidence and proved that wastewater treatment facilities can be good neighbors.