High Volume Unit Eliminates Algae Blooms

Sunburst fights algae blooms and creates a safe haven for one homeowner’s waterfowl.

An Otterbine 1HP Sunburst at a Westchester home

Situation: A Westchester homeowner wanted a cure for the algae blooms that plagued his property’s shallow (5-6 feet deep) pond, however; he also wanted to make sure the pond remained a safe haven for his waterfowl.

Solution: Our distributor’s over at Philadelphia Turf Co. installed a 1HP Sunburst. This unit provided an aesthetically pleasing solution to his problem, and ensured the water feature remained open for the birds to return too.

Background: Installing a 1HP Sunburst enabled the customer to have an aesthetically pleasing solution and kept the project within a modest budget. Otterbine’s Factional Units are tailor made for this type of application. They run great in shallow waters, provide more than adequate aeration and aesthetic situations at lower prices!

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