Otterbine Joins Celtic Manor in Ryder Cup Preperations

Otterbine pitched in to help complete a lake management program at the Celtic Manor Resort for the 2010 Ryder Cup.

One of Otterbine's Aerating Fountains at Celtic Manor

Situation: Celtic Manor experienced severe problems with nutrient loading and algae blooms. With just months left till the Ryder Cup this course needed a solution.

Solution: After draining and raking the lake once, superintendent Jim McKenzie realized his problem was a lack of aeration. He turned to Otterbine to find the solution. In the end we ended up installing two units at the Celtic Manor. One 3HP High Volume and a 5HP Sunburst improved the water quality and are still running today.

Background: Run-off water from the surround agricultural land created unnaturally high nutrient loading in the lake. Eventually this through the lake’s eco-system into crisis. When draining the lake McKenzie decided to adopt a pro-active lake management strategy. The units took one day to uninstall and have been running ever since!

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