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Otterbine Hires a New Manufacturing Engineer

Otterbine welcomes a new addition to their engineering team with the hire of Phil Hamilton.

Hamilton, formerly of Benjamin Moore Paints, leads the team as the Manufacturing Engineer. He’s responsible for all technical aspects of Otterbine’s products from processes to product quality. In the past the engineering team has had to split time between new product development and manufacturing engineering; however, he will focus solely on manufacturing.

“I’ve always worked in manufacturing and recognize Otterbine as a strong, American manufacturing company that values people and producing a quality product. I wanted to join a family run company where I can make a large contribution,” said Hamilton.

He brings over 20 years of engineering experience to the team. Since starting at the factory he’s already made improvements to the C3 motor base plates, worked on addressing issues with bulkhead leaks, and finding best methods for applying pigtails. He’s currently looking at the RGBW LED Color Changing Lights trying to find opportunities to improve the lights themselves. Hamilton’s also making improvements to the point to point drawings for Otterbine’s PCCs thanks to feedback from our distributors at Aquatic Control Inc.

“The primary reason we hired Phil Hamilton as our Manufacturing Engineer is because he’s got a wealth of experience from both a mechanical and electrical engineering standpoint. He’s also a very adept machinist,” said Christopher Barebo, Vice-President of Manufacturing.

Hamilton gained his engineering experience from a variety of industries that span from bio-technology to heavy-duty manufacturing. He also happens to be the purveyor of a 17-acre farm. Otterbine looks forward tapping that practical knowledge and unique problem-solving skills in the future.

“Phil’s a guy that knows how to keep equipment running. He also knows how to problem solve outside the box,” said Barebo.

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