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The Hidden Benefits of Aeration

What You Didn't Expect: Aerators Offer More Benefits Than Just Clean Water and Aesthetics

The Hidden Benefits of Aeration

Aeration systems stand as a natural, environmentally safe, cost-efficient way to maintain a healthy pond. These systems work to increase oxygen levels, circulate water (breaking up thermal stratification), extend the life cycle of the pond, keep water clean, odor-free and maintain appropriate nutrient levels.

If you’re in the market for an aeration system, the team at Otterbine are the folks to work with! They’ll help you decide which system is best suited for your needs down to what the total package includes, payment options, warranty, the benefits of local service centers, safety and product accessories. This includes going over our spray patterns, decorative float covers and lights!

What complete packages include:

Custom Panel Options

If you’re looking to install multiple units, you can have a custom panel designed specifically for your project! This panel comes as part of a package or purchased as an add-on. In fact, if you’re looking at purchasing multiple units you may have to go with a custom panel due to power restrictions.

Cable Length

50, 100 and 150ft stand as the most common cable length increments. However, this always depends on the site and how far the unit is from its power source. Length and gauge of a cable also depend on where your power system is and what else using it (ex: irrigation). Too much amperage pulling from one source may cause problems.


We off some of the strongest all-inclusive warranties in the industry. If you need parts or a unit service we’ve got you covered. Our warranties even include the cost of shipping should your unit experience a problem that needs to be checked out in-house!

Spray Patterns

If aesthetic benefits are especially important to you, then the number of spray patterns available in an aerating fountain line is very important! We offer 26 spray patterns and they’re interchangeable. Changing patterns is a simple matter of alterations and can be done in under 20 minutes!

Safety Labeling

Otterbine makes sure that our units as a whole go through rigorous safety testing. By the time our products leave the factory they go through ETL, ETL-C and UL testing to earn the final seal of approval. No matter where you are in the world we want to make sure our products aren’t only up to par but some of the best on the market! Most of our competitors only test the individual components in their products as opposed to the whole unit. Additionally, all of our testing is done by an unbiased third party.

Oxygen Transfer Rates (OTR)

OTR's state how much oxygen is added to the water and are usually measured per hour. You'll notice that OTR's vary from company to company. A good rule to stick with: the higher the OTR, the more water circulation is occurring, thus, the healthier your pond. Again, make sure the OTR testing is from an accredited facility.

Gallons Per Minute (GPM)

GPM explains how many gallons of water are pumped through the unit each minute. As with OTR, the higher the GPM, the more effective the aerator and the better off your pond.

What accessories should accompany the product:


For a dramatic and regal nighttime appearance, adding lights to your aerator is a pleasing option. Pond lighting is inviting and makes a grand welcome in entrance ways into developments and country clubs. Not only does adding lighting increase property value but it also adds security.

What should the company offer? Service Centers/Local Distributors

Otterbine has several factory trained distributors and service centers! Odds are if they can’t help you install your unit they know someone who can. We also make sure to maintain an open dialogue with all our service centers so they know the latest and greats ways to maintain your unit! Some will come to your site to perform maintenance; others might store your unit over winter/cold months but they’re always there to help!

Because of the many different options available, always keep in mind that while one aerator may be less expensive than another, the complete package and product features may in turn be thinner. So, before purchasing make a check list of points that matter to you. Is length of warranty a priority to you? How many spray patterns do you feel is optimal? Which company/distributor will serve your needs better? The more exact description you can give your dealer about what you want, the better chance that you'll get what you want!

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