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Our goal is to develop relationships that last for years and to show our appreciation to both existing and future customers. Below are just some of the discounts we offer, check with your local Otterbine specialist for other opportunities to save on a new Otterbine system.

An Otterbine 1HP Sunburst at a Westchester home

Otterbine Quarterly Photo and Video Contest:

Did you own or live near an Otterbine install? Did you just sell a unique or special installation? Maybe you were able to take an algae ridden pond and turn it into a customer's backyard paradise. If yes, we want to hear about it! Otterbine is always looking for photos and videos of great installations. If your photo/video gets selected you could win the following:

  • $100 for a photo
  • $150 for a video
  • $250 if your photo or video gets selected as a feature installation for the Otterbine website

In order to be eligible photos and videos must be shot with a camera that's 12 MP or higher. If you've got an iPhone 7 or newer you're in the clear! To submit photos send them to with the subject "Photo & Video Contest" and be sure to include your name. 

Winners are selected quarterly; an Otterbine marketing team member will contact you if your photo of video is selected. Payments can be provided as follows:

  • Otterbine will issue a check within 30 days from the date we notify the winner(s). The check is made payable in US Dollars to the individual listed in the submission email unless otherwise specified.
  • To receive the funds via PayPal, simply request this payment method when notified that your material(s) have been selected and include the email address associated with the PayPal account.
    (Note: There is a small fee of 2.9% of amount + .30 per transaction that will be deducted from total winnings when requesting payment through PayPal)
Loyalty Discount

Loyalty Discount

GET A 15% DISCOUNT If you happen to have an existing Otterbine unit out of warranty, we will offer a 15% discount on a completely new unit of equal or greater horsepower. This discount will also apply to the site required length of cable and light set if applicable. (Serial numbers of the original unit or PCC must be provided at the time the order is placed. Contact your local distributor for more details on this program.)

Loyalty Rewards

10% Off Discount

Manufacturer Replacement Program

GET A 10% DISCOUNT If you currently own another manufacturer's aerator or fountain system and are replacing it with an Otterbine. (Proof of other manufacturer's product must be provided to Otterbine via the serial number of system to be replaced. Delivery of the Otterbine system must be dropped shipped to customer site.)


Otterbine Pattern Guarantee

Pattern Guarantee

GUARANTEED TO LOVE IT We Guarantee that you will love your Aerating Fountain pattern, but if you don't - just let us know and we will send you what's needed to convert it to any other pattern within it's line.

  • Aeration Line: Any Aerating Fountain purchased under the Aeration line (Gemini, Saturn, Sunburst) can be converted for another pattern within the Aeration line.
  • Decorative Line: Any Aerating Fountain purchased under the Decorative line (Comet, Constellation, Equinox, Genesis, Phoenix, Rocket, Tristar) can be converted for another pattern within the Decorative line.
#1 in Customer Satisfaction we stand behind our products and want to make sure they are happy!

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